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Torchon Lacemaking is still in print!

Over 4,000 copies sold 


I was commissioned to write

'A step by step book on Torchon Bobbin Lacemaking! 

by the publisher, the Crowood Press, and they were happy  to include hundreds of colour photographs, which amply illustrate the text. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book and had lots of support and help from students, past and present. I have received numerous messages and emails from lace makers who have found my book invaluable.


 "This really is the most amazing book and the fact that I can follow it on my own means it is really really well written and I'm a teacher so I know when instructions are good or not. "

Charles Owens- Fine Arts Director & teacher in a school in Washington DC.USA










This is a very practical step by step book, enabling complete beginners to learn torchon bobbin lacemaking. The specially designed samplers can be worked in order by beginners or in any order  by the more experienced.

Although colour is not traditional in bobbin lace it has been used here to great effect so that the path of each thread can be followed through the sampler. 

Hundreds of step by step photographs help to illustrate the techniques.

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A selection of photographs from the book below.

Click the photographs and you will have more information.



1 - Equipment & Materials

2 - Preparations

3 - Samplers 1-25

4 - Adding beads to Bobbin Lace

5 - Designing and adapting Lace Patterns

6 - Joining & Mounting Lace

7 - Troubleshooting

"Jan's book ..shows her talent for understanding how people learn , giving us clear, easy to follow instructions and diagrams".

Leslie from France

book cover back.jpg
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