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Jan gives talks and workshops for groups on textile and bobbin lace subjects.

All talks include a display, a power point presentation and an opportunity for questions. Jan is able to bring a laptop and projector for the talk if necessary.

  • Indian travels - covering my 2017 trip with particular reference to textiles.
  • Writing my book! - from excitement, to anxiety, reality & beyond. I was commissioned to write 'Torchon Lacemaking' by the Crowood Press.. this is the story! * the book has sold over 4,000 copies. It is also available as an ebook.       Torchon Lace Making
  • Lace Travels - this covers OIDFA world congresses as well as Lace Guild conventions, exhibitions and holidays with a lace pupose.
  • Bobbin Lace Making - Not as difficult as it looks!  A talk which covers Jan’s involvement with bobbin lace, basic equipment & techniques, information on identification and a ' Have a go opportunity.'
  • LetExist - Textiles    Jan explores the many interesting and exciting ways that basic bobbin lace can be used by textile artists.  No experience of Bobbin Lace required! This is a new approach which offers a 21st Century exploration. Forget little white doilies……….. prepare to be inspired.
  • Creative Christmas Crafts - A talk which is full of ideas for textile decorations, cards & gifts


  • Ghanaian textiles - Jan visited Ghana in 2007 and had the trip of a lifetime. This talk follows her visits to the Adinkra printing villages and the Kente cloth region. Jan had a go at both the weaving and the printing and tells an interesting and fascinating story of her adventures.  She will also bring textiles that she bought in Ghana for all to see.

Talks can be followed by a linked workshop. Jan is happy to travel. 

……...... 'Jan, you have been a great teacher to us, patient when we are chatting, guiding us through techniques when we don’t understand what we are doing but through it all you have been a great friend and a super duper creative textile artist and teacher.'
                                         Eileen Madden  Southsea

All Jan’s workshops give students an opportunity to play with a new technique and often to produce many samples. Working within a workshop environment produces inspirational work and all students are encouraged to develop and share their work.

  • A textile play day
  • Printing on paper &/or fabric

  • Christmas baubles
  • Beads and bobbin lace

  • Exploring transfer paints
  • Altered books
Jan prides herself on being a professional teacher rather than an instructor and all students are encouraged to have a go and to push their own boundaries….Moving out of their comfort zone.
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