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Jan's Bobbin Lace

Jan has been making bobbin lace since March 1980! She thoroughly enjoys it!

However since she started teaching bobbin lace, her own work has taken second place! Teaching Bobbin Lace has involved  searching for prickings, designing, planning lessons and all the other things that a teacher has to do for their students. All great fun! But it has meant that she hasn't made as much lace for herself. 

Here are a selection of some of the pieces of lace she has made over the years. Click on a photo and you will find out more information about each one.

Jan has included her very first pieces of lace that she made when she attended a weekend beginners Bucks Point course at Missenden Abbey in 1980. Jan learnt Bucks Point first!

Jan has also developed a contemporary lace, combining Bobbin Lace with Textile techniques called LetExist. 

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